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​​​​​​​​​​​​Ceremony Services

Professional sound quality (Compact BOSE System with lavaliere microphone for Officiant) Other microphones are available for readers and singers

Professional & clean setup (Wires are neatly taped and tucked away)

Prelude Music is provided 20 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony

If you have readers or singers, DJ Phil believes that its important to do sound checks and discuss any important details prior

to the ceremony ensuring that everyone is comfortable and ready to go.

Customized music selections throughout ceremony

Ceremony Planning Guide is used to orchestrate the music and to keep track of all the details throughout the ceremony

Cocktail Services

Mini cocktail speaker on stand with microphone to make pertinent announcements

Customized or premixed background music to create the vibe you want

Announcements usually consist of the following:

  • Welcoming guests

  • Open bar / cash bar

  • Sign the guestbook

  • Pick up your place cards if the reception is assigned seating

  • Photo booth or other activities

  • Ballroom doors will be opening


Reception Services

Customized timeline using the Wedding & Event Planning Guide

DJ Sound System using BOSE L1 Speaker System, Mac driven music, 1 wired and 1 wireless microphone.

Professional DJ/MC overseeing and orchestrating every formality through music and announcements.

LED dance floor lighting (NOT UP-LIGHTING) focusing on dance floor area

Backup equipment

Unlimited consultations

Uplighting / Name in Lights / Cake Pin Spot   

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     Photo by: Kelly Canova -                                                    Photo by: Kelly Canova -

​​DJ Phil has strong Emcee and communication skills

Communication between DJ Phil and your other vendors are key for the success of your event.  Having all your vendors on the same page throughout your event is a must. At the beginning of each event DJ Phil introduces himself to the other vendors and takes that opportunity to go over the timeline with them. It is so important that the vendors know the order of events so they can prepare and position themselves when each formality occurs.

Just as important, DJ Phil has strong Emcee skills. There are many family dynamics present when events occur.  As an Emcee, it’s very important to know what those dynamics are so things are worded properly and said carefully so not to say something that can be offensive to guests or mention anything that may cause family drama. Your event is supposed to be remembered as an amazing and happy time in your lives. DJ Phil knows how important this event is to you and is here to help.

DJ Phil as an Emcee is your voice. Announcements made by DJ Phil are primarily done to provide you and your guests with important information regarding formalities and important details that need to be shared. DJ Phil acts as a “buffer” regarding music requests from your guests to ensure that your vision remains on point.

When the doors open and the reception officially starts DJ Phil will Invite all of your guests into the reception area and ask everyone to please find their seats.  While guests find their seats DJ Phil will line everybody up in the order they will be introduced, go over the punnunciation of their names, spell them phonetically if needed, make sure that all parties giving toasts are aware of it, making sure whomever is giving blessing is aware of it. Letting the bridal party know where they will be entering from and where they will be going to when entering the room and any other special details that need to be shared.  Once bridal party is ready, DJ Phil will head back to his DJ station, welcome everyone to your event and then go into introducing your bridal party.

In regards to Toasts, DJ Phil provides special instructions to the toasters. Instructing toasters where to stand, where to hold the microphone and reminding them that they need their glass of champagne or drink of choice to toast with. Preparing the toasters will help make the toasts seem like they were rehearsed. The only people that are allowed to speak on the microphone will be those approved by you on the approved final timeline. However, if you decide during the event that they want to allow someone else to speak that is not a problem, they just need to be approved by you.

Ceremony, Cocktail & Reception in the same location but in different areas of venue

Multiple DJ systems are used in maintaining a continuous flow of music when your event takes place in different areas of your events location. A great example of this is having your ceremony outside on a lawn, cocktail hour in a courtyard and your reception in the ballroom.  Multiple system setups eliminate the breakdown and setting up multiple times which create a lot of dead air and down time. Having multiple system setups eliminates this problem and allows DJ Phil to make pertinent announcements at any given time. This service is included in all packages and is not considered an upgrade, it’s just something that should always be done to ensure high quality services.

Wedding & Event Planning Guides

The Wedding & Event Planning Guide is what’s used to customize your event. The guide is a work in progress during the planning process and is used to ultimately pull all of your important details together into a final timeline. The final timeline is what DJ Phil and the other vendors will work off of to have a clear understanding of how the event will unfold.

Wedding Ceremony Advice

Although DJ Phil is a Master of Ceremonies and is mainly responsible for keeping things moving smoothly throughout the reception, DJ Phil is not a coordinator. DJ Phil always encourages couples to strongly consider hiring a reputable and professional Wedding Coordinator, at least Day of. A reputable, experienced and professional DJ / MC along with a reputable, experienced and professional Wedding Coordinator will be the absolute best scenario to ensure that you “The Happy Couple” will be able to truly enjoy the day that you have worked so hard to create.

Based on experience, DJ Phil strongly encourages all his couples to do a rehearsal prior to the day of, especially if you don’t have a coordinator.  Out of the entire wedding day, the ceremony itself is the most critical part where everyone needs to be on the same page. Not rehearsing can cause a ton of unnecessary stress and the ceremony can appear very unorganized to all of your guests.

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